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PSC Filings (Cont.)

12-10-2018 ORS Proposed Orders for PSC Dockets 2017-201-E, 2017-305-E and 2017-370-E

11-20-2018 Public Depositions from PSC Hearing on V.C. Summer Case, Dockets 2017-207-E, 2017-305-E and 2017-370-E:

   Jimmy Addison 
   Ken Browne
   Steve Byrne, Vol. 1
   Steve Byrne, Vol. 2
   Margaret Felkel
   Kevin Kochems
   Barry McDonald
   Robert McKie
   Carlette Walker, Vol. 1 
   Carlette Walker, Vol. 2
   Sheri Wicker
   George Wenick

   Ty Troutman

   Gary Jones
   Allyn Powell  
   Dukes Scott
   Gene Soult  

   Terry Elam
   Joni Falascino
   Dan Magnarelli

   Mike Couick

10-10-2018 PSC Directive Declassifies Previously Confidential Documents in V.C. Summer Case, Exhibits A-F

10-10-2018 Exhibit A

10-10-2018 Exhibit B

10-10-2018 Exhibit C

10-10-2018 Exhibit D

10-10-2018 Exhibit E

10-10-2018 Exhibit F

10-2-2018 Motion to Compel Removal of Confidential Designation

9-24-2018 MEDIA ADVISORY for Prefiled Testimony Linked Below

9-24-2018 Notice to PSC Re: Filing of Direct Testimony in Docket No. 2017-370-E

9-24-2018 Testimony of Gary C. Jones

9-24-2018 Testimony of M. Anthony James

9-24-2018 Testimony of Elizabeth Warner

9-24-2018 Testimony of Daniel Sullivan

9-24-2018 Testimony of Kelvin Major

9-24-2018 Testimony of Michael Seaman-Huynh

9-24-2018 Testimony of Lane Kollen

9-24-2018 Testimony of Norman Richardson

9-24-2018 Testimony of Richard Baudino

8-17-2018 ORS Reply to SCE&G Response to Motion for Sanctions

8-17-2018 Filed Testimony of Elizabeth Warner in 2017-207, 305, 370-E SCEG Consolidated Dockets

8-17-2018 Filed Testimony of Anthony James in 2017-207, 305, 370-E SCEG Consolidated Dockets

6-23 Baker Tilly Interpretation Letter Filed With Public Service Commission for Docket 2017-207-E, 2017-305-E and 2017-370-E

6-22-2018 PSC Hearing Officer Directive Ruling on ORS' Motion to Compel

6-18-2018 ORS Reply Brief in Support of Motion to Compel Discovery Response by SCE&G

6-12-2018 ORS Cover Letter for Baker Tilly Report

6-12-2018 Baker Tilly Report Filed with Public Service Commission for Docket 2017-207-E, 2017-305-E and 2017-370-E

4-06-2018 Certificate of Service for ORS Petition for Utilities Report on Impact of Tax Cuts and Job Act

4-06-2018 Motion to Preserve Tax Benefits for Ratepayers Concerning Impact of Tax Cuts and Job Act


3-26-2018 ORS Review of SCE&G's 2017 4Q Report on V.C. Summer Units 2 &3

2-7-2018 ORS Cover Letter Order No. 18-81 Accounting Scope of Services


2-7-2018 ORS Order No. 18-81 Draft Scope of Services

2-7-2018 SCE&G Letter to ORS Re: Order 18-81

1-19-2018 ORS Financial Examination

1-19-2018 ORS Attachment 1 SCE&G Responses to ORS Questions

1-19-2018 ORS Attachment 2 Mendoza Bankruptcy Likelihood

1-19-2018 ORS Attachment 3 Mendoza Bankruptcy Court Decisions

1-19-2018 ORS Attachment 4 Mendoza Bankruptcy Effect on Rate Payers

1-19-2018 ORS Attachment 5 SCE&G Quarterly Report Ending 9-30-17

1-19-2018 Cover Letter ORS Financial Examination

1-17-2018 ORS Filing Re: SCE&G and Dominion's Allowable Ex Parte Briefing

12-29-17 SCE&G's Request for Withdrawal of Unit 2 and 3 to U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

12-19-17 ORS' Review of SCE&G's Q3 VC Summer Report

ORS Focuses on Contract Amendment

11-21-17 ORS' Brief Opposing SCE&G's Motion to Dismiss Request for Rate Relief

11-21-17 Exhibit 1

11-21-17 Exhibit 2 Part 1

11-21-17 Exhibit 2 Part 2

11-21-17 Exhibit 2 Part 3

11-21-17 Exhibit 3

11-21-17 Exhibit 4

9-27-2017 Request for Rate Relief

6-22-2017 Response of ORS to FOE and Sierra Club 

6-8-2017 Notice of The United States of America Concerning the Review of Certain Transactions by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States

5-25-2017 Link to Commission Docket Containing EPC Contract, Change Orders, and EPC Amendments (click on 'matters')

6-28-2016 SCE&G Revised Rates Filing

6-9-2016 Response to AARP