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Welcome to the SC Office of Regulatory Staff

The Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) is charged with representing the public interest of South Carolina in utility regulation for the major utility industries -- electric, natural gas, telecommunications, transportation, and water/wastewater -- before the Public Service Commission of S.C., the court system, the S.C. General Assembly, and federal regulatory bodies. The ORS also has responsibility for oversight of railroad safety and natural gas pipeline safety in South Carolina.

The public interest, as defined by Act 175 of 2004 that created the ORS, is a balance among three essential components expressed in the agency’s mission statement:

To represent the public interest in utility regulation by balancing the concerns of the using and consuming public, the financial integrity of public utilities, and the economic development of South Carolina

We strive each and every day to uphold the tenets of our mission on behalf of our fellow South Carolinians. We hope that you find this web site to be informative and helpful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.